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No taboo in talking about ‘it’

Sunday September 23, 2012

AS a Children’s Court advisor, I found your recent article on sex education to be informative.

Sex education is likely to help young people act and behave responsibly.

With the many cases of teens and young women dumping their infants as a result of unwanted pregnancies, and the high rate of abortions and sexually-transmitted diseases, it is about time that sex education is taught in schools.

I think schoolchildren should be given a holistic view of sex, sexuality and reproductive health. What are we waiting for?

Evidence shows that sex education programmes have a positive effect on teens as they take on a more “guarded and safer” approach when it comes to their choice of sexual partners.

Such knowledge also enables them to make informed decisions when they become young adults later in preventing unintended pregnancies, baby dumping and getting sexually-transmitted infections and diseases.

Many parents dread speaking to their children on sex as they are embarrassed and have no idea as to how to approach the topic. However, it must be done with an openness and in an easy-going manner to put their children at ease.

As long as sex education is presented in a wholesome manner, with its biological and moral aspects intact, there is less danger of children becoming prey to irresponsible adults or sexual perverts.

The time has come for us to teach even preschoolers to make sure that they are aware of the “right” and “wrong” touch and other inappropriate gestures.

Changing social conditions, rapid urbanisation, an early start to puberty and delays in marriage, and the gradual decline of extended families have all contributed to changes in relationships and sexual behaviour among young people.

As parents and adults, we have to teach and guide children on all issues pertaining to sex and sexuality.



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