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83 pupils down with food poisoning after drinking free milk

Published: Thursday September 27, 2012 MYT 8:00:00 PM
Updated: Thursday September 27, 2012 MYT 8:02:54 PM


MUAR: Eighty-three pupils of SK Parit Setongkat here suffered from food poisoning after they drank milk supplied under the free milk scheme.

The students, from Year One to Year Six, started to vomit and purge 30 minutes after they consumed the milk during recess at about 10am Thursday.

The school’s authorities, who did not allow the media to enter the school compound, alerted the Health Department, which rushed teams to the school.

Although about 950 pupils consumed the supplied milk, only 83 suffered food poisoning and were given the necessary treatment by the Health Department teams.

A check at the school showed works were being carried out to clean the canteen and some workers were seen disposing the remaining milk supply.

One of the pupils said he began to have stomach pain about 30 minutes after he drank the milk, forcing to run to the toilet.

“I vomited three times when I was in the toilet and purged twice.

“After I returned to my class, several friends also suffered similar pain and my teacher quickly took us to another room,” he said when met at his house near Jalan Salleh.

According to the boy, all affected pupils were given jabs and medication, and remained in school until 1.20pm.

Meanwhile, state Women, Family, Health and Community Development Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai said food poisoning in schools should be resolved fast.

She said although none of the pupils in SK Parit Setongkat was sent to the hospital, the matter was serious as it involved school children.

“We want the Health Department and those involved in supplying food at all schools, including canteen operators, to ensure all food is fresh and clean,” she added.

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