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Raise standard of teaching English

Monday October 1, 2012


WHAT a revelation! More than two-thirds of our English Language teachers in school are not competent in the language they are entrusted to teach.

Thanks to our Deputy Director-General of Education, Datuk Dr Khair for that courageous revelation in your report (The Star, Sept 25).

Finally, we have to come face-to-face with this perpetual issue of raising standards in the English Language among our young.

Are we knowingly or unknowingly denying them the opportunity to master the English Language? Are we depriving our children of the environment to nurture their competence in handling the language of science and progress?

It is sad that there are people among us who argue that English is the language of the unpatriotic and the infidels.

It is these disparaging remarks and insinuations that are defeating our Government’s efforts to accord English its proper place in society. We are not even prepared to place the language in its proper context, let alone encourage its widespread use in schools and the workplace.

Raise the standard of teaching English, that’s the logical call. But haven’t we been singing the same old tune?

We need out-of-the-box thinking to achieve something substantive in mastering English. That was provided in good measure by the PPSMI, but even that was taken away.

Any semblance of improvement in mastering English soon faded away by a stroke of the pen. Where do we go from here?

Are we prepared to retrace our steps and start all over again? Perhaps we need to humble ourselves and just do that for the sake of Malaysia’s progress in this challenging world.

Batu Pahat


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