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NUTP lauds move to recruit teachers as PVRs

Friday October 5, 2012


PETALING JAYA: The Royal Malaysia Police’s (PDRM) idea to take in teachers as Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR) is a good move, said National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) president Hashim Adnan.

He said teachers willing to help protect their community and school as PVRs should be allowed to do so.

“Teachers should also not be forced to take part,” he said, adding that many teachers were already part of military and navy reserve units such as the Askar Wataniah (Territorial Army).

“Once they become PVR members, they should also shoulder the burden of improving discipline among students.”

He added that PVR teachers should also be included in their schools’ safety action committee.

“They will doing a service to both the PDRM and Education Ministry,” Hashim added.

He noted that information-sharing between local police departments and schools would be good, as these PVRs would have access to school discipline records which could be compiled into a database.

“I suggest that every school has at least one PVR. They should be given the rank of an officer,” said Hashim.

He added that although having teachers as PVRs was good, the PDRM must be aware that even after working hours, teachers were bogged down with other duties.

“If you expect them to be in uniform right after school ends to provide police presence or direct traffic, then it would be difficult,” he said.

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