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EDUCATION: Where can we get Maths, Science books in English?

Email Print 19 October 2012 | last updated at 12:36AM


I AM the head of a private school doing the national curriculum in the Klang valley.
Many parents have breathed a huge sigh of relief since last year, when the appeal not to abolish the policy of teaching Mathematics and Science in English (PPSMI) was finally granted (many thanks to Page).
The Education Ministry had told us then that in the interim before everything was reverted to Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction (Form One will be completely taught in Bahasa Malaysia in 2017), there would be a “soft landing” for all parties concerned.
However, those of us who wanted to go on teaching both the subjects in English suddenly found that publishers are no longer printing the Maths and Science textbooks and workbooks in English.
Many bookshops say publishers are not printing the required books in English as the “authorities” have not given them the “go-ahead” to do so.
Last year, when this situation arose, I thought it was just a temporary glitch due to the fairly-late decision to put back PPSMI and the publishers had not enough time to print the books on time for parents to buy them for the new term this year.
However, it has been nearly a year and we have been informed by bookshops that the textbooks are not printed in English anymore.
Can someone from the ministry please enlighten us as to what is happening?
W.M.S., Kuala Lumpur

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