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Teachers Council ‘can improve profession’

Email Print 21 October 2012 | last updated at 12:41AM


KUCHING: A former education examinations director yesterday suggested a Teachers Council be established to improve the teaching profession.
Datuk Adi Badiozaman said this was necessary even though there were bodies, such as the schools inspectorate and the Education Service Commission, to evaluate teachers.
“We cannot talk about improving the quality of teachers if we don’t have the professional and political will,” he said at a public hearing on the preliminary report of the Malaysia Education Blueprint at the old state legislative assembly building in Petra Jaya, here.
He said there must be political will to make tough decisions.
The public hearing panel was chaired by Education Ministry deputy director-general Supaat Tamin.
Adi said: “If we have the professional courage and political will to establish the council, it will greatly enhance the schools’ supervisory board and the commission.”
He also suggested the ministry empower state education departments and district education offices “and give the right kind of autonomy” to better administer the policies.
Sarawak Teachers Union president William Ghani Bina said the ministry could recruit more locals to be trained as teachers as they could easily be sent to teach in the state’s rural schools.
He said it would not only solve the problem of urban teachers refusing to be transferred to rural schools, but it would help the ministry to cut costs.

Read more: Teachers Council ‘can improve profession’ – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/teachers-council-can-improve-profession-1.159801#ixzz2A0TnbRQd


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