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SCHOOL TEXTS: Where are English books for students?

Email Print 25 October 2012 | last updated at 12:13AM


AS a parent, I am concerned about whether the Education Ministry can fulfil its pledge to allow students under the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) to complete their education under the same policy.
Recently, I went to a bookstore to buy revision books for Form Five and, to my dismay, the new books were not bilingual. They were all in Bahasa Malaysia.
I appeal to the publishers and the ministry to have a heart and look out for the students’ plight.
Schools are already lacking in textbooks because new textbooks are not provided for PPSMI.
Publishing them can mean another two cycles of profit.
All we are asking is to let students who studied under the PPSMI policy to end their education in English. All they want are books in English and these are not available.
I hope that while the ministry is enthusiastic about implementing the uphold Bahasa Malaysia and to strengthen the English language policy, it will not neglect PPSMI students.
The education authorities said that everybody’s views had been taken into consideration.
Why isn’t there a word from those who want the PPSMI to continue? The Parent Action Group for Education has fought for the reinstatement of PPSMI.
Appeals have been made to make English a compulsory subject, but History was made one instead.
In the global scenario, is History more important than English?
Sarala Poobalan, Kuala Lumpur

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