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EDUCATION: Bring back English-medium schools

26 October 2012 | last updated at 10:42PM

I REFER to the impressive discourse on the importance of the English language — “We need a long-term solution” (NST, Oct 21).

Merely bringing in foreign English teaching assistance is certainly not a long-term solution for the declining standard of the language. Our government must have the political will to restore the deserving position of English.

The best, comprehensive, long-term solution to improving the standard of English is to bring back English-medium schools and embark on a scheme of attaining international standard by having internationally accepted English language examinations.

This will help our students in the future, allowing them to compete in the international arena, where English has become the main medium of communication in science and technology.

Any continued neglect to implement this scheme will affect our future standing on an international platform. So, why not think out of the box?

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