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EDUCATION: Schools have books in English

26 October 2012 | last updated at 10:45PM

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) refers to the letter, “Where can we get Maths, Science books in English?” (NST, Oct 19), from W.M.S.

Beginning this year, MoE only supplies Science and Mathematics textbooks in Bahasa Malaysia for national primary and secondary schools.

However, based on an Education Department circular dated Nov 4, 2011, the national-type schools can still opt to teach subjects either in English or Bahasa Malaysia or in both languages.

The circular states: “The MBMMBI policy (policy to Uphold bahasa Malaysia and to Strengthen the English Language) implementation has explained that this policy will be implemented in stages beginning in 2010. During this transition period, schools can use English and/or other medium of instruction in teaching and learning Science and Mathematics. This is to help teachers and pupils to adapt to the changes in this policy.”

For schools that choose to implement the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English, they may use the existing English textbooks for Science and Mathematics (the PPSMI version), which are available in the schools.

Private schools, meanwhile, can contact the publishers to obtain the relevant textbooks if they are not available in the bookstores.

Kindly be informed that the BM and English versions contain the same curriculum; the only difference is in the manner of writing presentation.

– Rubaayah Osman, head of Public Communications and Client Service Section, Corporate Communications Unit, Ministry of Education, Putrajaya

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