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Bullying, a wake up call

Wednesday October 31, 2012


THE senseless beating and death of 14-year-old K. Saravanan at the hands of bullies is a wake-up call for all Malay-sians.

Where is the so called “caring-Malaysian” among the crowd that stood and watched as Saravanan was beaten to death?

Why didn’t anybody try to save Saravanan?

Have we become a society in which each fends for his own and not for the neighbour?

This issue of bullying has been raised many times before and we have become so numb and apathetic that it is just a matter of days before this too fades from our memory.

Unless we act now, this incident will repeat, in another place, to another boy, maybe even a child you know.

Surely the police and justice system is strong enough to punish crime doers or have we lost faith that the system can bring justice to the weak and protect the one who steps forward to help?

We need to ask ourselves why we do not feel anything more than a passing empathy for this child.

Is it because we fear to step forward to help a victim due to the possibility of revenge by gangs? Where does fear end and justice begin?

There are countless cases of bullying in schools that have got out of hand and these same boys grow up to be crime doers.

I call on the police to work with the education system to eradicate bullying in schools as this is a grassroots level of crime in society today.

We need to consider more faith education and religious classes for all children in school.

No amount of compensation can alleviate the anguish of the loss of the only child of N. Malar. Our heart truly goes out to her.

Let us each make an effort to console her with the promise that her child did not die in vain.

Each of us must awaken our conscience to act against this evil in our society and to ensure that no child will need to die this way in our country.

We didn’t Save Saravanan but we can create a society that will “Stop the Bullying and Save Saravanan’s Memory.”

I have learnt that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

Cheras, Selangor

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