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Training for 2,000 Chinese language teachers

Wednesday October 31, 2012


KUALA LUMPUR: Some 2,000 Chinese language teachers from national-type Chinese schools will undergo training next month to meet the demand for more English and Malay language teachers.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the training was part of the ministry’s additional option intervention programme and would focus on Chinese language teachers who have been teaching Malay and English.

“It is a concrete move by the ministry to address the shortage of teachers in national-type Chinese schools,” he told reporters at Parliament House yesterday.

Dr Wee, who had chaired a meeting of the special committee to address the shortage of teachers at national-type Chinese schools earlier, said offer letters to the teachers would be issued on Nov 10 and training would begin on Nov 19.

He said the teachers would be trained at the ministry’s teacher training colleges nationwide and undergo practical assessment at their respective schools.

Under the programme, teachers with five to 10 years’ experience will undergo four weeks of training and two weeks’ practicals while teachers with 10 to 20 years’ experience will undergo two weeks’ training and practical.

“Teachers with more than 20 years of experience will only have to attend a one-day briefing and two-week practicals,” he said, adding that teachers with certificates under the ministry’s dual-language intensive course only needed to undergo practical assessment.

Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zhong) deputy secretary-general Chin Yew Sin described the move as a positive step.

“The shortage of teachers is a long-standing issue that has dragged on for over 40 years. The announcement is a positive and significant step forward in addressing the problem,” he said.

There are 1,294 primary national-type schools nationwide with about 1,000 temporary teachers currently employed to meet the shortage.

Federation of Chinese School Teachers’ head of teacher training unit Lee Kam Wah also lauded the announcement, saying it would counter the shortage of teachers soon.

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