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Unfair assessment in reputable schools

Monday November 5, 2012

FOR this year’s examination in secondary schools we were disgusted to learn that reputable Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SPBT) schools chose to adopt the JPS exam questions instead of setting their own questions.

To make matters worse, we found that the majority of students in these schools had not only the exact question papers for each subject but also the answers.

This defeats the purpose of holding examinations.

Are we conducting examinations just to say that the KPI of conducting so many exams a year has been achieved or actually assessing the outcome of the lessons taught for the year has been successfully attained.

We have been told that this episode occurs every year without fail and knowing this, these schools still continue to adopt the JPS exam questions.

Are the teachers and their supervisors, not to mention school administration not capable of setting their own examination questions?

We now understand why the standard of education in these school has deteriorated so drastically.

Children who have genuinely prepared for the examinations may find themselves losing out to the cheats.

It is imperative that the relevant authorities immediately take the necessary corrective action, including re-setting the examinations.

Petaling Jaya