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Stop politicising teaching of English

Thursday November 8, 2012

I CAN’T understand how politicians can play down the importance of the English language in education but yet enrol their offsprings in international or private schools that they can well afford.

Is it simply because they want to have the upper hand over their underlings?

Surely they don’t think the rakyat can be easily hoodwinked again and again.

Stop politicising education and do what’s right for the next generation.

We have already lost two generations due to the change in the medium of instruction from English to Bahasa.

Unless we intend to remain backward and have no plan of advancing towards Vision 2020, we could stay in denial forever.

The world today is borderless and in order to catch up with the rest and progress, we need to think out of the box and advance instead of retreating into our coconut shells.

Unless we are prepared to inculcate meritocracy in education, we will be the laughing stock of the world in the near future.


Batu Pahat