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No X’mas holidays for Christians

Friday November 9, 2012


I’M writing to express my disappointment over the various meeting dates scheduled for the 2013 school session which have been set by some of the schools, particularly in Johor.

On Dec 24, Christmas Eve, teachers must attend the first meeting and from Dec 26 (a day after Christmas) until Jan 1 there are various meetings to be held.

So, Christians living in states far from their respective schools have no way of celebrating Christmas as they have to leave their homes on Dec 23 in order to attend meetings on Dec 24.

When long and special holidays are accorded generously for other religious festivals, why is it different when it comes to Christmas celebrations, which is also a major festival here.

Maybe the Education Ministry has an answer.

The scheduled meeting dates are rather redundant and unnecessary.

For instance, on Dec 26 there is a staff meeting and I wonder what they will talk for eight hours since on Dec 27 there will be a meeting on curriculum and student affairs.

On Dec 28, there will be another whole day of meetings on co-curricular activites, Form Six classes and registration of Form One students. Dec 29 is for the registration of all other classes from Form Two till Form Six.

On Dec 31, there will be panel meetings and on Jan 1, there will be in-house training on the School Based Assessment system.

Anyone will tell you that we don’t need to stretch the meetings, which is a mere, waste of time.

The irony is that there will be more meetings related to the same matters when the school

session starts, making the earlier meetings redundant.

If these many days of meetings must go on, I suggest that all Christian teachers and staff as well as those with Christian spouses and relatives be exempted from meetings at least until Dec 27.

I also hope Christian teachers and staff will not be put in such a difficult situation in the future because this happens every year.

Johor Baru