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Heng: Teachers’ training may include sex education

Tuesday November 13, 2012 MYT 5:52:39 PM



KUALA LUMPUR: Teachers’ training may include sex education to address the social issues facing the students.

Deputy Women, Community and Family Development Minister Datuk Heng Sai Kee said the ministry mooted the idea to the Education Ministry recently to see if sex education could become part of syllabus at the teachers training colleges.

She noted that sex education was now taught as part of health science for Year One to Year Four students with future modules to include social related issues.

“This will allow teachers, in particular those giving counseling, to also teach students on the dangers and consequences of pre-marital sex, including the laws on statutory rape,” ,” she told reporters.

At present, she said that an eight-week pilot programme to teach students of the dangers of pre-marital sex had been introduced as part of the school curriculum for students finishing their UPSR examinations in Sept and PMR students in October.

Some 6,820 pregnancies and births involving girls below 16 were recorded between 2000 and Oct 9, 2012.

Heng said 67 teachers have been selected from rural, urban and special schools to undergo training courses before the start of the programme.

On a separate issue, Heng said the ministry backed the Government’s move to amend statutory rape laws to take away the courts discretion in binding over first time youth offenders.

Some 5,976 statutory rape cases were recorded between 2007 and August this year. Of the cases, 5,115 were charged resulting in 1,631 convictions.