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It’s the system’s fault not the teachers

Friday November 16, 2012


I REFER to the letter “Teachers, do your job and stop complaining” (The Star, Nov 14). As a teacher, I strongly disagree with the writer’s one-sided views on teachers who are complaining about a system which takes too much time and energy.

First of all, why do you need to blame the teachers for complaining? Do you know what’s the root of all the complaints?

I believe the complaints have nothing to do with the salary and dedication of the teachers including myself. It is totally uncalled

for to label teachers who complained.

Are you familiar with the system that teachers have to work with? How do teachers solve something that they have no control over in the first place.

Tell me how do you solve the numerous errors that teachers get when they login into the system?

How do you solve the crawling speed of the servers? Do you expect teachers to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to key in the marks? (some of my friends are already resorting to that!)

Don’t blame the current batch of teachers for complaining and voicing their dissatisfaction with

the system because the main reason we cannot get our work done has nothing to do with our time or work management. It’s the system’s fault.

How do you work with something that is broken online?

Baling, Kedah