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Taking away the magic of education

Friday November 16, 2012


I REFER to the letter “Teaching is the priority” (The Star, Nov15).

I couldn’t agree more. I teach History for Form One at my school.

One key method to keep my class interesting is to keep it animated with stories and also through screening of historical documentaries and through online materials.

Unfortunately, the newly requirement for teachers, especially class teachers, to key in so much data is taking away our precious preparation time to teach our young minds.

The slow system and the frequent issues of logging in gets worse during daytime.

A simple question to all the officers at the Education Ministry planning all this tedious online requirements without prior consultation with the main executors of this job (yes, the teachers) is: Which teacher had the most impact on your life?’ Was it the teacher who did a wonderful job of writing reports and files or the teacher who inspired you in the class?

The answer is obvious.

Keeping up with technology and preventing teachers from teaching is taking away the magic of educating a child in a classroom.