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Linus 2.0 programme in all primary schools soon

Monday December 3, 2012


PUTRAJAYA: The Literacy and Numeracy Screening (Linus) programme under the Education NKRA has achieved its targets with close to 100% of Year Three students having passed the screenings this year.

The excellent outcome of the initial Linus programme has encouraged the Education Ministry to introduce Linus 2.0 which is the English version of the original Bahasa Malaysia literacy programme.

The new initiative is expected to be implemented by next year.

The Ministry’s Curriculum Development Division deputy director Shamsuri Sujak said that Linus 2.0 is part of the National Education Blueprint which is meant to tackle the problems of English literacy among students.

“Students in Year One to Three will be screened twice a year to determine if they are progressing in English literacy at an expected pace.Those who fall behind will be given coaching until they catch up.”

The basic screening for the students would be executed in June next year to determine the literacy level of the students and pinpoint those that needed specific guidance in English.

Linus facilitators will be trained to provide support to the teachers involved.

Linus, which was introduced by the Education Ministry in 2009, is a remedial programme made to ensure pupils acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills at the end of three years of primary education.

The programme is specified for pupils weak in reading, writing and arithmetic.