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ENGLISH: Increase its content in national syllabus

10 December 2012 | last updated at 07:56AM

By Hussaini Abdul Karim, Shah Alam, Selangor

MOST Malaysians are caring and concerned about issues.

We fight together as one people if we are not happy about things that are of national interest, especially those that adversely affect our future.

Take the case of education. Every day, I see letters written by readers published in mainstream and online newspapers asking for a change in the education policy. Most of them want the English language content to be increased in the national school syllabus.

We want students to be bilingual — to be good in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. We fear that being monolingual will not fully equip our students to be fully competitive globally.

I have found that out of 30 letters, in all languages I read, asking for an increase in English language content in the national school syllabus, only one letter supports the use of Bahasa Malaysia. Some of the letters even go to the extent of suggesting the re-introduction of English-medium schools.

I am pro-Bahasa Malaysia and pro-English in contrast to some people who are only pro-Bahasa Malaysia.

Being pro-Bahasa Malaysia and pro-English, I am not suggesting that Bahasa Malaysia be relegated and become subservient to English; I only want the English language content to be increased in national schools, perhaps to be on a par with Bahasa Malaysia, so that our students can be bilingual.

Bahasa Malaysia should, however, retain its position and prestige as the country’s national language.

I do not think the country will be able cater to all Malaysians searching for jobs or business opportunities in the future.

Some will have to look for opportunities outside the country. This is where proficiency in English will help.

The English language content in the current syllabus is far too little to be considered sufficient.

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