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Schools told not to deduct RM100 allowance

Thursday, January 03, 2013

NILAI: All schools nationwide have been cautioned not to take their own initiative to automatically deduct the RM100 school allowances which would be paid out on Jan 15.

Deputy Education Minister Dr Puad Zarkashi said last year’s case of schools deducting RM50 to pay for the Parents Teachers Association (PIBG) without the parents consent should not be repeated.

“The money should be given to the parents in full.

“The schools have no right to deduct any amount from the payout as we (the ministry) have issued a circulation on the matter,” he said at Tunku Kurshiah College here yesterday.

Puad said the government’s RM500 million payout was for all schoolchildren.

“For parents who are reluctant to accept the payment, they can return it to the schools, which will then have the responsibility of returning the money to the ministry,” said Puad, adding that keeping the money for the schools’ use would be inappropriate.

He said that schools in the district without bank accounts could expect a delay, as the money would be channelled through the respective state education departments, as was done last year.

“The department will go to the respective schools to hand out the money. For this year, we are still using the same approach, which explains the delay in delivering the payout for such schools,” he said.

The ministry would start distributing the money to parents of students from Year One to Form Five from Jan 15.

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