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Dangerous misleading candies

KUCHING: Candies that are replicas of cigarettes and sold in boxes that look like actual packing of established international cigarette brands complete with their logos are being sold here.
The Food Safety and Quality Unit of the Health Ministry has raised the alarm over these made in China ‘smoke’ candies and it has issued a stern warning to traders not to sell them.
Wilbert Kho, the unit’s superintendent here, warned that health enforcement officers would not hesitate to confiscate these smoke candies and their boxes displayed at stalls and shops.
He said the candies and their packing besides being a gross misrepresentation of products could influence children to smoke actual cigarettes when they grow up.
“These smoke candies, I am sure will arouse curiosity among little children. Now children may be sucking them (smoke candies) for the fun of it but we will never know, as they grow up, they might pick up the habit of smoking cigarettes.
Although it may not be an issue in some countries but over here we will not tolerate their sale, Kho said.
He pointed out that selling these smoke candies violates a provision in the Food Regulation Act 1985 and if convicted, the offenders may be facing a maximum penalty of three years in jail or a fine or both.
Kho also pointed out that the prints on smoke candy packaging boxes were very misleading because the product serial number and permit number printed on them are almost identical to those printed on actual cigarette boxes.

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