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Rural school sees enrollment of sole Year 1 pupil

A teacher guides SJK(C) Sam Lam’s lone Primary 1 pupil, Kong Qi Ming, during his first day of school.

SIBU: SJK(C) Sam Lam in Naman yesterday registered the enrollment of its sole Primary 1 pupil, bringing its student population to just 19.

Headmistress Loh Ming Wen said low enrollment has become a norm for the school following the exodus of rural folk to urban areas.

“So far, we have never experienced zero intakes. We have five Chinese primary schools in Naman, and those nearer to Durin bazaar and the plantations have more pupils of course,” she said yesterday.

Loh said the low student population at her school affects neither teachers nor students, while adding the school hopes to enroll at least four new pupils next year.

“Our teachers are determined to help the pupils excel in their studies. Every day after school, our pupils stay back an extra hour for tuition and also attend co-curricular activities every Friday,” she said.

She said tuition is important for rural pupils because most of their parents are farmers who are unable to help much in their children’s homework and revision.

“Rural parents tend to put little weight on education, and the children grow up thinking they too are to become farmers,” she said.

Eleven teachers are currently attached to SJK(C) Sam Lam.

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