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Connecting with the community through language camps

STUDENTS of the Kulliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM) at International Islamic University Malaysia’s (IIUM) new campus in Pagoh, Johor recently organised a corporate social responsibility programme to engage with the local communities.

Called Mini English Camps with Schools, the programme saw undergraduates majoring in English for International Communication conducting four language camps at SK Paya Redan in Pagoh, and SK Panchor, Tadika Kemas Kampung Jawa and SJK (T) Ladang Lanadron in Panchor, Muar.

Programme manager Noor Hasbullah ‘Arif M. Effandy said the aims of the initiative were for IIUM students to connect with educational establishments in the vicinity of the university and to give opportunities to pupils in the schools to learn and have fun through English.

The camps were conducted fully in English. The themes of presentations were related to the pupil’s daily life such as the environment, history and culture. There were constant interactions and engagements between the university students and pupils aged 4 to 12 years old.

SK Paya Redan pupils learning to grow plants.

“The Mini English Camps gave us a great opportunity to connect with the schoolchildren. It was a really good experience. We had fun,” said Noor Hasbullah.

At SK Paya Redan, 30 pupils took part in the English camp. In the sessions on National Animals, Green Lifestyle and Healthy Eating, the pupils watched videos, played games, did jigsaw puzzles and were involved in engaging activities such as making egg sandwiches and potting plants.

At SK Panchor in Panchor, the IIUM facilitators shared information on The Importance of Breakfast, Kadazandusun, Japanese Culture and Fire Safety. All 30 pupils participated in engaging activities such as dancing the Sumazau dance and making sushi and fireman hats.

SK Panchor student affairs senior assistant Sharifah Zaniwa Syed Mohammad said: “We really look forward to visits from IIUM students again.”

The IIUM students also spent a day at Tadika Kemas Kampung Jawa, Panchor. Twelve undergraduates had a great time with nine children at the kindergarten and discovered that conducting an English camp with a group of young Malay learners is indeed possible.

Tadika Kemas teacher Nor Rashidah Mohd Ali said: “This is the first time that we have English camps with university students.”

At the kindergarten, the IIUM students connected with the young children through topics such as Five Senses, Volcanoes and Animal Kingdom. The popular game, musical chairs, was a success in making the children use their sense of hearing. The children wore animal face masks and created a lava explosion with the volcano models prepared by the students.

At SJK (T) Ladang Lanadron, the pupils learnt about the environment and Malaysia-related topics, namely Malaysian Traditional Games; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Decorations during Malaysian Celebrations; and Endangered Animals. The 35 pupils enjoyed Do-It-Yourself activities like making piggy banks and lanterns using recycled materials. They also experienced the exciting games of Tarik Upih and Guessing the Scents.

Children at Tadika Kemas Kampung Jawa learning about volcanoes.

Participating IIUM students were happy with what they had achieved and hoped to continue to connect with the community.

Assistant manager of the programme, Nur Hidayah Abdul Aziz, said: “All of us did a great job and we hope to do this again soon.”

Programme adviser Dr Lilisuriani Abdul Latif, who is a lecturer at KLM, said the project allowed students from the faculty to have a real-life experience in managing a programme that would benefit the community.

“Such an experience is also meant to sharpen their communication and people skills. This is in line with IIUM’s vision to produce progressive and dynamic graduates,” she said.

KLM in Pagoh offers four programmes namely English for International Communication, Malay for International Communication, Arabic for International Communication, and Tourism Planning and Hospitality Management.

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