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SCHOOL CANTEENS: Nourish the students well

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

By R. Meyshna Nair, Kuala Lumpur
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WHEN a student walks into school, he or she wants to see a clean environment, efficient teachers, well-equipped classrooms, clean toilets and delicious food in the canteen.

Canteen operators must they must offer  food choices that whet the  appetite  of students.Canteen operators must they must offer food choices that whet the appetite of students.

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What’s the point of keeping the school compound clean when the canteen looks like a dumpster?

The canteen should be kept clean, too. In most canteens, the utensils and equipment, from the tables to the pans, are in poor condition.

Houseflies roam everywhere and cockroaches crawl under the tables. Clogged sinks and drains are common sights.

There are cases where one batch of students finishes their recess  and there is not enough  food left for the second or third batch.

There were occasions when I had to rely on food I had brought from home.

Another important issue is the quality of food served. I wonder if any guidelines have been set for canteen operators.

The nasi lemak served in my school canteen is a miserable half scoop of rice, with three pieces of anchovies, with their innards still intact, and a small egg. We pay about RM2 per plate for this.

A plate of mee goreng, minus the fish cake, egg and bean sprouts, is sold for RM2.  Chicken rice, served with a miserly piece of chicken, costs RM3 per plate.

Are these ingredients so pricey or are school canteens making big profits at the expense of students?

How is it that the mee goreng and nasi lemak sold at mamak shops are cheaper, and the portion larger and tastier?

All canteens should serve a variety of food. We are a multicultural society which is used to roti canai, mee soup, keow teow goreng, thosai and vadai. These food items have nutritional value and whet the appetite of students.

I urge the officials of the education and health ministries to carry out spot checks on school canteens.

If the food consumed is bad, we produce low-quality students, too.

Canteen operators must be more responsible and offer food choices that cater to the taste buds of all students.

The authorities must ensure that students benefit the most.

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Pemakanan sihat elak obesiti

30 Januari 2012, Isnin


BAGI mengurangkan masalan obesiti di kalangan pelajar, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) dengan kerjasama Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia akan memulakan usaha mengambil data berat badan unggul setiap pelajar sebanyak dua kali setahun berbanding sekali sebelumnya.

Tujuan utama data ini diambil sebanyak dua kali ialah untuk melihat sejauh manakah program budaya pemakanan sihat dapat memberikan kesan.

Bagi memberikan kesedaran dalam kalangan pelajar, seluruh kantin sekolah akan dipamerkan poster yang mengandungi tahap kalori sesuatu jenis makanan yang bakal diambil manakala para pengendalinya dilarang menjual makanan dan minuman yang melanggar Peraturan-Peraturan Makanan 1985 (makanan luput tarikh dan semua jenis makanan yang berupa permainan atau dijual bersama permainan seperti cincin, gambar, belon dan lain-lain), gula-gula dan coklat, makanan yang dijeruk, makanan ringan dan minuman beralkohol.

Jenis-jenis makanan yang tidak digalakkan dijual pula ialah mi segera, konfeksi ais dan ais krim, teh dan kopi, minuman berperisa kabornat, makanan berkrim atau bersalut gula dan makanan yang diproses (burger, nugget dan sosej).

Buku panduan tersebut turut menggariskan tanggungjawab pengendali kantin sekolah, Jawatankuasa Kantin Sekolah, pengetua atau guru besar dan proses perolehan penyewaan serta pengurusan kantin.

Usaha menerbitkan buku panduan ini adalah menerusi kerjasama dengan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dalam aspek ukuran tahap kebersihan, prosedur pengendalian kantin bagi mengelakkan sebarang masalah keracunan dan membantu mengatasi masalah obesiti dalam kalangan pelajar.

Berdasarkan satu kajian yang dilaksanakan oleh Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia terdapat peningkatan yang ketara masalah obesiti dalam kalangan kanak-kanak sekolah yang berumur enam hingga 12 tahun iaitu dari 9.7 peratus (2001) kepada 13.7 peratus (2007).

Meskipun peningkatan tersebut tidak membimbangkan, jika pembudayaan kaedah pemakanan sihat dan mengubah jenis-jenis pemakanan tidak dilaksanakan, tahap obesiti masyarakat Malaysia dijangka akan meningkat dengan cepat.

Faktor yang mendorong kepada peningkatan tahap obesiti ialah disebabkan kegemaran ibu bapa membawa anak-anak mereka keluar makan pada waktu malam dan kanak-kanak gemar mengambil jenis-jenis makanan ringan.

Faktor cara makan juga boleh menyumbang kepada masalah obesity bila mana makanan tersebut tidak dikunyah dengan sempurna sebelum ditelan oleh seseorang.

Masyarakat juga dilihat semakin kurang melakukan aktiviti fizikal dan lebih gemar menghabiskan masa lapang dengan menonton televisyen, gajet elektronik dan permainan video, melayari Internet serta tidur selepas kekenyangan.

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Delay in implementation of new canteen food guideline

Thursday, January 05, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: The new healthy canteen food guideline which was supposed to be implemented on the first day of school this year will be delayed.

An Education Ministry spokesman said there would be a meeting in two weeks to discuss further the implementation process.

“Only after the meeting will a circular be sent out to schools,” he said yesterday.

In earlier reports, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the guideline would be implemented on the first day of school in 2012.

The new canteen food guideline, a recommendation of  the Health Ministry, was aimed at combating the rising obesity rate among young Malaysians.

It was reported that the guideline would have the types of food and calories needed on a daily basis by each age group in school canteen menus for students to choose from.

Canteen operators would still have to follow other rules  in the existing guideline which was last revised in 2008.

These included the rule that preserved fruits and junk food  were not to be sold in canteens.

Read more: Delay in implementation of new canteen food guideline – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/local/general/delay-in-implementation-of-new-canteen-food-guideline-1.28071#ixzz1iXt6KRo5

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Healthier school canteen food next year

Thursday, December 08, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR: Beginning next year, students will have healthier food with adequate calories at school canteens.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the new canteen food guidelines were aimed at helping reduce the obesity rate among young Malaysians.

“The ministry is in the midst of finalising the guidelines. Once it is done, we will send out the circular to schools by this month,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

He explained that the guidelines would display the types of food and calories needed on a daily basis by each age group in the school canteen menus for students to choose from.

The new guidelines follows recommendations from the Health Ministry.

“We want to educate, rather than enforce. We see this as a solution for greater awareness on healthy eating habits and reducing obesity among schoolchildren.”

Wee added that teachers, canteen operators and the parents-teacher associations (PTA) would be required to follow the guidelines.

“We will also send our officers to schools to evaluate the progress of student’s understanding on proper eating habits.”

Wee said both ministries would keep tabs to monitor the effectiveness of the new system.

“The new guidelines are different from previous effort, as students would be educated on healthy eating habits instead of being refrained from eating unhealthy food.”

He said this would help create a greater awareness on healthy eating habits and to stop the rising obesity rate among schoolchildren.

“In the long run students would be encouraged not only to eat right during recess, but also bring the habit back home.”

Wee also explained that students’ Body Mass Index would be calculated twice a year to check on obesity among schoolchildren.

Earlier, there were reports on suggestions to restrict food items sold at school canteens but the ministry decided against it.

These included nasi lemak, which was recommended to be sold only twice in a week.

“Any food can be unhealthy. It is not about the frequency, but how much calories they take and how much of that is burnt.”

He added that canteen operators would still have to follow other rules to not sell jeruk (preserved fruits) or other junk food items.

The existing guidelines were last revised in 2008.

Read more: Healthier school canteen food next year – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/local/general/healthier-school-canteen-food-next-year-1.16463#ixzz1fu4Y9Edg

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Tiada arahan wajib SJK sedia makanan halal – Ka Siong

24 November 2011, Khamis


KUALA LUMPUR 23 Nov. – Kementerian Pelajaran tidak pernah mengeluarkan arahan mewajibkan mana-mana penguasa kantin di sekolah jenis kebangsaan (SJK) Cina dan Tamil menyediakan makanan halal.

Timbalan Menterinya, Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong bagaimanapun berkata, SJK yang mempunyai pelajar beragama Islam sentiasa sensitif dengan perkara yang membabitkan makanan dan mereka selalunya memberi pilihan makanan halal kepada pelajar tersebut.

“Amalan ini sudah lama dijalankan atas dasar hormat-menghormati.

“Pengusaha kantin SJK sudah tahu jika ada orang Islam, jadi mereka sedia bekalan makanan halal yang dipesan daripada pengusaha Islam,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di Parlimen hari ini.

Beliau mengulas tindakan Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sembilan baru-baru ini yang mengeluarkan arahan supaya semua pengusaha kantin SJK Cina dan SJK Tamil perlu menyediakan makanan halal di sekolah masing-masing.

Jelasnya, Pengarah Pelajaran negeri itu telah diminta menjalankan siasatan segera berkenaan kekeliruan arahan yang dikeluarkan.

Sementara itu, Ka Siong turut memberi amaran sekali lagi kepada pihak sekolah supaya tidak sewenang-wenangnya membuat potongan wang bantuan sebanyak RM100 yang disediakan kerajaan kepada ibu bapa pelajar.

“Kita masih menerima beberapa laporan menyatakan ada segelintir sekolah yang membuat potongan wang bantuan itu.

“Ikut arahan yang diberi, tolong pulangkan kembali wang bantuan itu,” ujarnya.

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SMK Jeram, Kubang Bemban juara kantin bersih

27 Oktober 2011, Khamis


Wan Mansor Hamzah (empat dari kanan) bersama pengetua sekolah yang memenangi Pertandingan Kantin Sekolah Bersih dan Dewan Makan Asrama Bersih 2011 menunjukkan tanda bagus pada majlis penyampaian hadiah di SMK Kubang Bemban, Pasir Mas, baru-baru ini.


PASIR MAS 26 Okt. – Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Jeram, Pasir Puteh dan SMK Kubang Bemban di sini diumumkan sebagai juara kategori kantin serta dewan makan bersih pada Pertandingan Kantin dan Dewan Makan Sekolah Menengah Bersih Peringkat Negeri Kelantan 2011.

Tempat kedua kategori kantin dimenangi oleh SMK Pengkalan Chepa dan ketiga, SMK Kubang Golok, Bachok manakala kategori dewan makan pula, naib johan SMK Cherang Ruku, Pasir Puteh dan SMK Badak, Bachok di tempat ketiga.

Majlis yang diadakan di Dewan Bestari SMK Kubang Bemban di sini, disempurnakan oleh Yang Dipertua Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG) sekolah berkenaan, Datuk Hanapi Mamat.

Turut hadir, Timbalan Pengarah Kesihatan Kelantan, Dr. Wan Mansor Hamzah.

Kemenangan itu melayakkan SMK Jeram, Pasir Puteh dan SMK Kubang Bemban mewakili Kelantan ke Pertandingan Kantin dan Dewan Makan Sekolah Menengah Bersih Peringkat Kebangsaan.

Sementara itu Wan Mansor berkata, secara keseluruhan tahap kebersihan kantin dan dewan makan sekolah-sekolah menengah di negeri ini meningkat.

“Bagaimanapun masih ada ruang yang boleh diperbaiki dan ditingkatkan agar makanan yang disajikan benar-benar bersih. Jabatan Kesihatan negeri akan terus memantau dan memberi kerjasama kepada Jabatan Pelajaran negeri bagi memastikan aspek kebersihan dapat ditingkatkan,” katanya.

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Pupils scalded as pot of soup falls over

Tuesday October 4, 2011

KUALA TERENGGANU: Two Year One boys were badly burnt when they were scalded by a falling pot of boiling chicken soup.

Hafiz Haikal Mohd Razif suffered 13% burns while his classmate Mohammad Nabil Faris Mohd Azidi suffered 23% burns.

The two were queuing up at the SK Sultan Sulaiman 1 canteen during recess at about 10am yesterday when other boys behind them started pushing each other.

Recovering well: Hafiz Haikal, seven, receiving treatment at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah in Kuala Terengganu Monday.

Hafiz Haikal and Mohammad Nabil were sent hurling forward, causing the pot to topple from the counter, spilling the soup and scalding them.

The boys were rushed to the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital for treatment.

Recalling the incident, Hafiz Haikal said he was behind Mohammad Nabil when the incident occurred.

“We were queuing up as usual but the others behind us were pushing us.

“The next thing I knew, both of us were screaming as we got hot soup all over our bodies,” he said, adding that he suffered burns on his right thigh and arm while Mohammad Nabil suffered burns on his stomach, face and arms.

When met at the hospital, Hafiz Haikal’s aunt Nurul Nadiah Mohd Fauzi, 23, said she was shocked to hear of the incident.

“I am thankful that he and his friend are fine.

“I would have thought canteen operators would have taken more precautions when serving children,” she said.

Hafiz Haikal’s grandfather Mohd Fauzi Abdullah, 52, said more precautions were needed to prevent similar incident from happening.

“I hope the school administrators can get to the bottom of the matter as this concerns the children’s safety.

“My grandson is lucky to survive but how could a pot of boiling soup be placed at a counter when it can easily topple over?” he said.